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Mind Package

An online personal growth course
(2 ½ hours)

Change your mind, change your life: the way you see the world is the lens through which you experience life. Change it, and everything changes. Learning how to operate yourself is the key to freedom, to living life authentically and enjoying relationships wholeheartedly.


Body Package (Out of Stock!)

A fitness program delivered right to your door
(4-12 minutes a day)

Care for your body: the way you see your physical self affects how you experience life. In just a few minutes a day, you can drop 16 pounds in 6 weeks, while boosting your metabolism.


Soul Package

A series of short meditations for people on the go
(4-9 minutes each)

Nurture your soul: when the mind is quiet the spirit can soar. These short, daily meditations will help you find the calm within, have peace in your life and eliminate stress.



What is the Barton Method?

Three easy to use products that can be purchased together for optimal effect,
or separately to suit your individual needs.

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Real Folks, Living Happy

Tom Rojas
"My life has changed forever!" -

Tom Rojas

We all go through challenges in our lives, believe me I was no exception. I remember walking into Jerry’s office about 18 months ago, and that visit changed my life. I guess I didn’t realize how bad things were, I just knew it wasn’t the best of times in my life personally. But, after spending time with Jerry and learning about some of these basic tools that are presented in The Barton Method’s  ebook — Leaving Manureville and How The Human System Works —  I am in a completely different state in my life. And the things I thought I wanted are clearer and have more definition… and with this clarity I do truly have what we really want…peace of mind! Thanks Jerry for everything you have given me! My life has changed forever!


Shawn Lane
"It’s a tool I can use!" -

Shawn Lane

The Barton Method has been such a gift for me.

I’ve always been a huge advocate of personal growth, if nothing else because it feels good in the moment and if I can get enough of those moments then I feel as if I’ve accomplished something.

And what I called a work in progress was also a constant source of frustration for me. I knew that if I kept it in my face, if I read something uplifting every day, I would feel better. However, I have always felt something was missing, and I’ve always felt I should feel great from the inside, not from what I draw in from the outside. So I kept doing what I was doing and living for the moments and hoping eventually I would have such a deep understanding it would just become a part of me and at some point I would have the peace that I so longed for.

Then came your book Leaving Manureville – How the Human System Works! It felt like the addition to my calculus! The foundation to my temple, the yeast to my bread (have you ever tried to make bread with no yeast!)

The best part is in an hour and a half I found the answer I had been working so hard to find for many years. I finally felt like I was on a solid path. It’s still a daily work in progress, however the difference is, it clicked. Because it clicked I find myself living it.

I don’t need to read something uplifting to feel happy and peaceful, I now enjoy reading something uplifting because it speaks to my happiness, my inner peace. I can now resonate with it instead of just so desperately holding on to it! Don’t get me wrong, it’s something learned, it’s something practiced but at least it’s something tangible that makes sense. It’s a tool I can use!

The biggest thing I learned and please know I say learned, not repeated, not heard but truly learned, ingested, felt is We are human beings, not doings. The most peaceful thing is to just be and we really are perfect beings. When you just sit with that and truly feel it, it makes for a very peaceful moment. Because of Leaving Manureville all areas of my life have improved dramatically and continue to get even better each day. As a bonus it was also the fastest and least expensive class I have ever taken!


Jim Toller C.F.S.
"Easy to digest and relatable!" -

Jim Toller C.F.S.


Dear Jerry & Taylor Barton,

I wanted to give you some feedback and an update regarding your inspirational training class “Leaving Manureville”, part of The Barton Method.

Being the Sales Manager for FASCO LV I have attended many seminars and training classes over the years. Most boil down to the same thing, how can I get you excited about your current position in life/work and keep you coming back for more training. Quite honestly I believe that most people who need motivational classes to excel at their current job are just not motivated people.

Your training was significantly different. Straight forward, easy to digest and relatable to the everyday struggles that impact all of us. The main thing that we all got out of your class is about changing the way you allow people, negative situations and just life itself to affect you.

After your class my salesmen and I had a meeting to discuss the impact of the class. Everyone was positive and upbeat. My questions were how long it would last, did it really make a life changing difference for all of us. Well I can tell you that two months later the forwarding addresses that we left after the training class are still in place.

Plus the additional training we received regarding the four personality types and how to interact with them have paid dividend in our sales numbers. An increase of 10-15% in our gross sales has stayed consistent.

Thank you again for your time and we wish you all the success in the world as you continue to lead the train out of Manureville.


Amber R.
"Noticed it immediately changed my life..." -

Amber R.

I thought Leaving Manureville was inspirational and brilliant. I’ve read a lot of self-help books but never one quite like this one. It breaks down some very important factors everyone should know so you can better understand yourself and live a much happier and more fulfilled life. I implemented the techniques and ideas into my daily routine and noticed it immediately changed my life and how I feel in a very positive way. I’m looking forward to continuously using the things I’ve learned to make a positive difference in my future. Thank you to the author for helping me understand myself, and the way I operate.

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