Jerry Barton

Jerry Barton is a successful entrepreneur who currently employs 95 people at his Amusement Park in Las Vegas, Nevada. Over the past 35 years, Jerry has studied the teachings of many masters in the field of personal growth. He has helped thousands of people attend personal growth seminars and taught many how to live happy.  This includes personal and work relationships, wealth, stress management, learning how to manifest what you need and desire, and  the greatest goal imaginable – peace of mind!

The Barton Method is the compilation of those 35 plus years of training, experience, and actual life practice.  Jerry is the author of The Mind Package. It begins with his game-changing e-book, "Leaving Manureville - How the Human System Works". It’s simple, easy to read and most importantly easy to implement into your daily life, making sure that the change you experience, lasts.

Taylor Barton

Taylor Barton is a kind and generous soul. Beginning at the early age of 5 he pursued his dream of being a professional racer by starting on dirt bikes. During the next 22 years he progressed up the ranks to a touring NASCAR series.

About the same time he began racing he started his personal growth journey with formal classes and he continues to study the works of many masters to this day. Using the tools and techniques he learned from his studies, he excelled at every level of life including owning his own NASCAR race team at age 20, and started an anti-bullying foundation where he helped bring awareness about this problem and real change to Las Vegas. Taylor was a spokesperson for the Las Vegas area Boys and Girls Clubs and has appeared on numerous TV and Radio shows.  He's spoken at many schools about how to live a great life.  He continues to pursue his two passions of racing and helping people Live Happy through The Barton Method.

Taylor's fitness regimen - "20-Second Fitness" is available to you in The Body Package, and as part of The Barton Method it can be purchased individually or with the Mind and Soul packages.

Matisun Barton

From early childhood, Matisun was passionate about helping people feel God’s love and presence in a very tangible way. After her father died when she was sixteen, she became wholeheartedly devoted to spirituality and personal growth. Driven to help others, she became a Spiritual Counselor, gently guiding people to discover more loving solutions to their problems, by seeing themselves and their situations from a different and higher perspective.

She has been a seminar leader, public speaker, author, singer/songwriter and recording artist. With more than thirty years experience in these fields she produced and hosted her own cable, satellite, and internet TV Talk Show, -- Matisun, TV with Heart! Her goal is to inspire, empower, inform and enrich the lives of others with all she has learned and experienced.

She has performed her original songs at events throughout the United States and with panel speakers such as Marianne Williamson, Gerald Jampolsky, Larry Dossey, Raymond Moody, Judith Orloff, Hugh Prather, Andy Lakey and many others.

Matisun is devoted to gently leading people back to their true selves.  Her meditations form The Soul Package and are downloadable for easy listening on a daily basis.