Finding Peace In The Chaos

“Sometimes the silence

Makes me cry,

Not because it is so empty,

But because it is so full.”

From In My Father’s Arms by Matisun

sunset is in the flower field

Deep within you there is a place of perfect peace.  With all the noise of this world do you believe it?  Can you sense it?  In a world that would have you forget who you are it takes practice.  Quiet moments of turning within.  I call them ‘peace pauses.’  Even if it’s just for ten seconds, this precious time can recalibrate your system to remember the Divine spark within and allow that spark to grow.  There are many ways to do this, some being; looking up at the magnificent blue sky and taking a few deep breaths, really seeing the beautiful flower before you, letting your lover’s smile penetrate and soothe your heart, a piece of healing music that transports you to heavenly realms, closing your eyes and welcoming yourself into your own heart with love and compassion, beholding the stars in the night sky with wonder and gratitude, the deep silence behind the noise that waits in quiet for you to notice, hearing beyond words and feeling the loving presence in all beings – your willingness calls this forth and heals you both, the golden rays of the sun that warms your face on a glorious spring day, resting for a moment in a prayer of appreciation, making a decision to rest in love.

Our hearts call to us to return to that quiet center within, where we are restored, strengthened.  The beautiful place where we let go of all that is not truly us.  Those illusions we cling to; images, ‘shoulds,’ places we feel not good enough, all left behind as we enter our sacred heart, our pure and beautiful innocence.

My ‘peace pauses’ are like my spiritual GPS system – returning me to an awareness of my spirit over and over again.  Here I feel whole, renewed, refreshed, innocent, peaceful and free.  A sweet embrace by the Divine.

I hope you honor yourself today by taking these moments to go within and remember who you really are; a beautiful spirit resting in the mighty arms of love.  As we do we send ripples out throughout the universe, calling to our brothers’ minds everywhere to remember – a silent song singing, “Remember Who you are.”  As each heart finds peace, we grow in that peace together till hatred and war will hold no place in the minds and hearts of the Creator’s beloved children.  Sanity will return at last to a  world that had forgotten that love holds all things, is all things and the dream of darkness will fade in the brilliant light of love.

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