Held by Love

Held by love - The Barton Method

The Barton Method - Held By Love

A father tenderly cradles his child in his arms as he walks to the edge of the sea. He looks at me and a smile passes between us. A silent understanding of this beautiful gift, to hold love and be held by love.

Isn’t that what we all want, no matter the age? To feel we can rest safely and breathe a sigh of relief. Letting go, our hearts find peace. May we give this gift to one another as we go about our days.

Perhaps it’s a smile, but who knows what that smile can mean to a heart that’s burdened or broken? Maybe it’s a kind word spoken that will fall on another’s heart like a drop of rain on one wandering in the desert of loneliness, or perhaps it’s a touch that reaches the soul of one longing to be held.

Whatever the ways we find to reach out to one another, these moments remind us all we are not alone, we are connected. We are still one regardless of the bodies that seem to separate us. A sea of hearts floating in the same ocean, breathing the same air, sharing the same sky.

As the sun is setting I send up a prayer that in it’s setting and it’s rising each heart in this world of ours may be cradled like that child. Wrapped in love, knowing it is safe and cherished. May we all know our lives matter.

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