Kisses from Heaven

The Barton Method - Kisses From Heaven

My heart finds peace in these quiet moments, sitting under the oaks at Ojai Valley Inn and Spa. A lovely afternoon, I’m having lunch on the terrace. I’ve come for my favorites but they changed the menu. My heart sinks; I had dreams! A question poses itself; will I be open to this moment and let it’s gifts reveal themselves? Even though I had my heart set on something else, (I love food and get quite attached to my favorite dishes!) will I greet a new dish with a spirit of welcome and gratitude? Like all moments we are blessed to have, can we, will we, greet them with an open heart, free of yesterdays’ habits, preconceptions, judgments? Will we taste life and the sweetness of it as if we’ve never tasted it before? Will we let ourselves drown in the juiciness of it? For indeed, this moment is like no other that has ever come before if we come with eyes that truly see.

A little sparrow comes and sits on my table a few inches from me. I would guess he’d be happy to receive any gifts of food. Are we grateful for the gifts life brings us or do they speed by unnoticed, unappreciated? I pray for eyes that see, ears that hear. Will I be aware the one before me is my beloved? When I’m truly present I sense the sacred thread that connects us all. A tenderness floods my heart and I feel a deep sense of reverence for the moment. This precious moment. Like kisses from in the distance I see majestic eucalyptus trees bending in the wind. Will I let the song of spirit move me as easily or offer resistance thereby missing the gifts life is laying before me? Echoes of heaven rise and fall depending on my own heart, whether it’s open or closed. Open feels better even when I am broken open and question whether I shall survive the rawness of it, even then, I am aware that I am connected to something sacred and real, something larger than I can fathom with my human mind.

Grace holds me and turns my tears into flowers blossoming with the wisdom of experience that helps me grow more fully into the woman I am to become. One who can share lessons learned, one who can hold another’s journey with compassion and a tender heart. Love finds a place to rest, a shared home where all are welcome. Isn’t that what all the masters of the ages whisper through the centuries? To leave room for love regardless of appearances? To let spirit move like the wind through hearts and minds open to the possibilities of miracles and to what the Creator can do through pliable beings?

I pray to be used, selfless in my service, like a flute that gives itself over to the hands that hold it, knowing not the song that will pour forth, surrendering to the music as it flows through, flute and flutist becoming one, joining in an even larger song, the song of all creation coming together, celebrating the Oneness of all. May I be a flute in my Maker’s hands and may my life be the song.

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