The Power of “What If?”

The Power of What If - The Barton Method

The Barton Method - The Power of "What If"

One day my mind was spiraling into negativity, fear and doubt polluting my mind. I heard a voice within say, “What if all is truly well? What if your good is rushing toward you right now? What if miracles are unfolding? What if blessing upon blessing is headed your way? What if you have within you all that you need? (Because you do!) I immediately felt better. A huge sense of relief swept over me, like I had just literally dumped a thousand pound sack off my back. I realized in that moment of grace that a polar opposite was given me to balance the energy and return my mind to sanity, to hope, to freedom.

I invite you, whatever your fears are, whatever your can’ts are, your blocks, to create what if’s that will propel you into the field of infinite possibilities. The place where we’re literally inviting miracles!

Einstein was once quoted as saying, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Einstein encouraged daydreaming, visioning, imagining. It’s the power of setting the mind free to return to it’s natural state; unlimited, unbounded.

We put ourselves in boxes to feel safe. Change is frightening to the ego. Yet as we set our minds free, we can feel safe as we sense the interconnectedness of all things. The Divine Tapestry held together by love. A weaving of hearts towards a greater vision. We see, we sense, we are not alone, the whole universe is leaning toward us to bless us; if we allow it to. If we shed our misperceptions, our limitations, our fear of lack and loss and are willing to see with new eyes, willing hearts and minds open to an expanded awareness.

I wonder when the first astronauts dreamt of walking on the moon, if in the quiet of the night as the stars were shining, their hearts whispered the question, “What if?”

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  1. Hi Taylor:

    Hope you and your family enjoying a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to a Happy 2016.

    My husband and I are leaving for a little vacation tomorrow – back home Friday January 1st.

    Once I’m home again let’s schedule a time to get together and talk about where you want to go with this message. I can help well beyond the book.

    All the best,

    Denise Michaels
    International Book Writing Guild
    Las Vegas, NV