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The Mind Package

Change Your Mind

Leaving Manureville & How The Human System Works


Change your mind, change your life: the way you see the world is the lens through which you experience life. Change it, and everything changes. Learning how to operate yourself is the key to freedom, to living life authentically and enjoying relationships wholeheartedly.

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Care For Your Body

20 Second Fitness


Care for your body: the way you see your physical self affects how you experience life. In just a few minutes a day, you can drop 16 pounds in 6 weeks, while boosting your metabolism.
  • 6 Discs: To teaches you the proper form and technique for all of the exercises. 6 different workouts each week for a total of 24 new workouts.
  • Recovery: After completing your first cycle, you will receive 4 workouts to get a much needed recovery week to let your body rebuild and re-energize.
  • Included: Resistance Bands, Jump Rope, Food Guide and Progress Calendar


The Soul Package

Nurture Your Soul

Life In Harmony: Short Meditations For People On The Go


Nurture your soul: when the mind is quiet the spirit can soar. These short, daily meditations will help you find the calm within, have peace in your life and eliminate stress.

The Body Package

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Mind, Body & Soul

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