A HAPPIER LIFE IS JUST A FEW CLICKS AWAYGreat relationships • Better health • More fun

Care for your body: the way you see your physical self affects how you experience life. In just a few minutes a day, you can drop 16 pounds in 6 weeks, while boosting your metabolism, & building lean muscle with clinically proven, calorie burning, fun workouts. Work intensely but consistently and get fit for life.



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20 Second Fitness

The Most Efficient Way To Burn Fat & Get In Shape!

  • As little as 4 minutes a day
  • 16 pounds in 6 weeks was the average weight loss in a clinical study
  • Boosts metabolism & builds lean muscle
  • Clinically proven to burn up to 12 times the calories of other workouts


Your 20 Second Fitness package ships right to your door!

  • Disc X: Teaches you the proper form and technique for all of the exercises.
  • Disc W: Twelve different workouts that take you through your first two weeks.
  • Disc 1 – 4: Over the next four weeks you have 24 new workouts. That’s 6 new workouts each week.
  • Recovery: After completing your first cycle, you will receive 4 workouts to get a much needed recovery week to let your body rebuild and re-energize.
  • Resistance Bands
  • Jump Rope
  • Food Guide
  • Progress Calendar