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Change your mind, change your life: The way you see the world is the lens through which you experience life. Change it, and everything changes. Learning how to operate yourself is the key to freedom, to living life authentically and enjoying relationships wholeheartedly.



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Leaving Manureville & How The Human System Works

  • Leaving Manureville - The World - Famous Short Story
  • How The Human System Works - A manual that teaches how to operate your own self
  • 1.5 hour webinar from a live event by Jerry and Matisun, explaining step-by-step How The Human System Works
  • Over 20 life-changing tools and techniques, learned over 35 years, and condensed so they are fast, fun, and easy to use in everyday life
  • The complete guide to the 4 different personality styles made easy. Vital to beginning and maintaining fulfilling relationships