The Quiet Mind

The Barton Method Mountain Reflection

The Barton Method - The Quiet Mind

A little bird flies to a branch high up on the tree. Oh that I may be so light! A voice inside whispers, “You can as you shed burdensome thoughts. Truth carries one lightly. Any departure from the truth can make a soul feel bound.” I still my soul for a moment to welcome truth that I may rest in sweet peace and pray to carry this peace into my daily doings. This is how I am able to release heaven on earth.

Moments of peace that bless my mind and my brothers as we are joined in spirit, calling them to come take their rest if only for a moment. This moment taken can give us fresh perspective, invite miracles, remind us we are loved and cared for as well as remind us of our true nature; that we are pure love, innocent and free.

“Come rest,” I hear spirit whisper, “I have gifts for you.  Presents to be opened by your quiet mind.”  A busy mind misses so much and then wonders why it grows weary and feels disconnected.  A drowning man needs to come up for air to survive, as we need to breathe of all that is holy.  This precious breath reminds us we are more than our problems, our challenges, our humanness.  Will we drink of the Divine?  Will we allow, receive and accept all the treasures waiting for us at our slightest invitation?  These heavenly gifts within that are ours for the accepting?

May my heart be like the bird resting gently on the tree.  May it be a soft, sweet place for love to land.

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