4 Personality Styles Self-Assessment Test

In our life-changing course, we have included the 4 Personality Styles as a FREE BONUS. Learning how to communicate with people in different styles will help you:

  • Eliminate tension, stress, & plain old drama!
  • Understand & communicate better with others
  • Learn which personality style you use the most
  • Be a team player!
  • Create & maintain better relationships
  • See situations through other peoples’ eyes
  • Increase SALES overnight!

Why is this information valuable?

Because 75% of the people on the planet do not think like you.

Why should I take the test?

In order to have great relationships, it pays to know how other people are motivated. Once you know what motivates them it is easy to relate. Since virtually everything we do in life involves other people, how we relate determines the quality of our relationships at work and at home, and can provide a very peaceful, rewarding life. Once you begin to use the 4 personality styles, your life will change dramatically. There are Controllers, Analyzers, Promoters, and Supporters.

How to take the test

Simply answer the questions on whether you are more FORMAL or INFORMAL?
And whether you are more DOMINANT or FLOW WITH?

Helpful hints:

Formal people are more PROJECT ORIENTED
Informal people are more RELATIONSHIP ORIENTED (they love people)


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