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Kisses from Heaven

The Barton Method – Kisses From Heaven My heart finds peace in these quiet moments, sitting under the oaks at Ojai Valley Inn and Spa. A lovely afternoon, I’m having lunch on the terrace. I’ve come for my favorites but they changed the menu. My heart sinks; I had dreams! A question poses itself; will I be open to this moment and let it’s gifts reveal themselves? Even though I had my heart set on something else, (I love food and get quite attached to my favorite dishes!) will I greet a new dish with a spirit of welcome and gratitude? Like all moments we … Continue reading

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A Heart Surrendered

The Barton Method – A Heart Surrendered I feel like a baby crawling in a world I’m trying to make sense of.  Fifty three and reduced to an innocent, in the best of ways.  Humbled by the life and death all around me.  Brought to my knees once again. A quiet place in my heart where the slate is wiped clean and I come with humility and honest questions.  A child, a bit timid but willing to learn, willing to be shown the way.  At this moment I truly feel I know nothing. Perhaps this is the place where miracles are born; an open space … Continue reading

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Held by Love

The Barton Method – Held By Love A father tenderly cradles his child in his arms as he walks to the edge of the sea. He looks at me and a smile passes between us. A silent understanding of this beautiful gift, to hold love and be held by love. Isn’t that what we all want, no matter the age? To feel we can rest safely and breathe a sigh of relief. Letting go, our hearts find peace. May we give this gift to one another as we go about our days. Perhaps it’s a smile, but who knows what … Continue reading

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The Quiet Mind

The Barton Method – The Quiet Mind A little bird flies to a branch high up on the tree. Oh that I may be so light! A voice inside whispers, “You can as you shed burdensome thoughts. Truth carries one lightly. Any departure from the truth can make a soul feel bound.” I still my soul for a moment to welcome truth that I may rest in sweet peace and pray to carry this peace into my daily doings. This is how I am able to release heaven on earth. Moments of peace that bless my mind and my brothers as we are … Continue reading

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The Power of “What If?”

The Barton Method – The Power of “What If” One day my mind was spiraling into negativity, fear and doubt polluting my mind. I heard a voice within say, “What if all is truly well? What if your good is rushing toward you right now? What if miracles are unfolding? What if blessing upon blessing is headed your way? What if you have within you all that you need? (Because you do!) I immediately felt better. A huge sense of relief swept over me, like I had just literally dumped a thousand pound sack off my back. I realized in … Continue reading

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Finding Peace In The Chaos

“Sometimes the silence Makes me cry, Not because it is so empty, But because it is so full.” From In My Father’s Arms by Matisun Deep within you there is a place of perfect peace.  With all the noise of this world do you believe it?  Can you sense it?  In a world that would have you forget who you are it takes practice.  Quiet moments of turning within.  I call them ‘peace pauses.’  Even if it’s just for ten seconds, this precious time can recalibrate your system to remember the Divine spark within and allow that spark to grow.  … Continue reading

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Your Beautiful, Worthy Self

A sea of little faces look back at me.  I’ve come to speak to junior high school students about self love.  I challenge them to look in the mirror at least twice a day and say, “I love you” and mean it!  I hear giggles, I see fear, I see wonder and a questioning like, do I dare, can I really look at myself with love, is it ok?  Even at this tender age, I see a sense of unworthiness has creeped into their young minds and I just want to take them in my arms and tell the part … Continue reading

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Letting Go Of Guilt & Regret

Letting Go of Guilt & Regret Guilt and regret are tied to the past as we believe we could have done things better.  Hopefully we will choose to have compassion for ourselves as we did what we did with the level of awareness we had at the time.  Our subconscious mind likes to keep us stuck in the past so it can maintain control over our thoughts and actions.  In order to break free from this, know the only time you have real power to do anything is right now. Staying ‘in the moment’ is empowering and a very freeing … Continue reading

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